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After losing a large amount of weight, which resulted saggy buttocks, I did extensive research in order to find a top-notch plastic surgeon. In the spring of 2008, I visited Dr. Godek’s office for a consult thinking that I needed a body lift. Dr. Godek patiently listened to me and understood all of my concerns. He was very straightforward with me and explained that a body lift would not give me the result I was aiming for, but rather a lower buttock lift would produce the desired result. Dr. Godek then described the procedure in detail, and even showed me computer images of what my result would closely resemble upon completion. He did not just go ahead and do what I thought should be done. He wanted me to be happy with the outcome. I can honestly say that the end result exceeded my expectations. After the procedure, I only needed Tylenol to manage what little pain I experienced, and the best part is that the scarring is extremely neat and practically invisible.

In May of 2015, it was time to address the bulging, droopy skin on my thighs and the insides of my knees. Looking in the mirror, I was aware that this would be a large undertaking. Considering the exceptional experience and results that I previously had with Dr. Godek and his staff 7 years earlier, I confidently knew where I needed to go for help. Again, Dr. Godek listened to my concerns, formulated a 3-stage strategy in order to achieve my goal and showed me computer images of the projected results. I was able to manage the pain from all 3 surgeries with Tylenol. As I write this, I am about 9 weeks post-op from the third and final stage, and my results are incredible. My incisions are neat, well placed and healing beautifully.

I cannot say enough about my awesome experiences with Dr. Godek and his staff. Totally professional from the moment I walked through the door and was greeted by Donna at the reception desk. Dr. Godek always listened to and answered each and every one of my many questions and created smart and safe plans to help me achieve my personal goals. At my pre-op visits, I was given bound booklet containing important information such as my surgery date, a list of things to do and to avoid in preparation for surgery, a description of my surgery, an overview of the surgery center procedures and post-operative care instructions. I followed all of these instructions to the letter and have had no complications. I have visited Dr. Godek’s office for many post-op visits to monitor my progress. Throughout the entire process, I was never afraid or ashamed to contact the Personal Enhancement Center. Catherine (my patient Coordinator), Nathalie (Dr. Godek’s Physician’s Assistant”, Rosemary and Katie (Dr. Godek’s nurses), Jeff (Dr. Godek’s Office Manager) and Michelle were always available in person, by telephone or email to answer my questions.

In addition to post-op visits, my case included appointments at Bella Derma Medi Spa. The spa had a very relaxing atmosphere. My interactions at the spa with Kelly, Jan, Jill and Annette were pleasant, and I always looked forward to my appointments.

My surgeries were performed at the Toms River Surgery Center. The staff is excellent. The nurses were attentive and cared about my comfort. Before every surgery, I mentioned that I have small veins, and I am a “hard stick”, so each time they summoned “the best” to being my IV. Mission Accomplished- My IV was always started on the first try! After that, I could relax…surgery was a piece of cake! Upon discharge, I was given a very clear aftercare instructions and contact info, in case of any problems. A few hours after I arrived home from all of my surgeries I received a personal telephone call from Dr. Godek inquiring about my status, even though my post-op appointments were the very next day.

On an unrelated note-In the time between my stage 2 and stage 3 surgeries, I had a hysterectomy. Although Dr. Godek did not perform this procedure, I was very impressed and touched that he had his nurse, Rosemary, call me a few days after the surgery to check in and see how I was doing. Total class.

With his skilled hands and artistic vision, Dr. Godek has successfully found the body that has been hiding inside me for many years and was not able to reveal itself despite being nurtured with proper diet and exercise. At the same time, I was very fortunate to have found an extraordinary surgeon in Dr. Godek.