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Breast Reconstruction

If you have lost a breast due to a mastectomy or lumpectomy and you are considering breast reconstruction surgery in New Jersey, our surgeon can help you restore your natural curves using a variety of advanced breast reconstruction techniques. We understand that losing a breast can have traumatic effects on a woman’s self-image and, consequently, her self-confidence. With this procedure, our doctor hopes to improve your overall self-esteem.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast reconstruction is an involved process that takes a number of months to fully complete. The first breast reconstruction surgery is usually the longest and most complex, and a number of follow-ups are then necessary as the breast is reconstructed.

Though this is a long process, the results are often well worth the wait. After a breast reconstruction procedure at our New Jersey practice, you will have the figure and breast contour you were hoping to receive. Additionally, our supportive staff and comfortable accommodations will ensure that your breast reconstruction procedure is as effortless and anxiety-free as possible.

Methods of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction procedures can involve a variety of methods, including:

Using tissue from the patient’s own body

A section of fat, muscle, and skin can be taken from another part of the patient’s body (back, buttocks, or lower abdomen) to replace the missing breast. It will then be formed into a breast shape, providing a natural-looking and satisfactory replacement.

Using breast implants

A saline implant can also be used to replace the missing breast, with skin being used from other areas of your body.

At your consultation, our doctor will explain the various methods of breast reconstruction that will work with your cancer treatment. He will work with you to determine which technique will best suit your needs.

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If you would like more information about breast reconstruction and the options you should consider, contact the Personal Enhancement Center. We look forward to hearing from you.

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