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BBL™ – BroadBand Light™ Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is one of the most advanced forms of non-surgical aesthetic enhancement available, offering effective ways to address signs of age, skin damage, and common skin conditions with beautiful results. Our skilled plastic surgeon and his experienced team at the Personal Enhancement Center can help many patients achieve their goals with one of the most powerful IPL techniques in the world: BroadBand Light™, commonly referred to as BBL™. This procedure is an in-office treatment that typically requires no downtime, making it a convenient and state-of-the-art option for individuals looking to refresh and renew their appearance.

What Is Forever Young BBL™?

Forever Young BBL™ is a unique, non-surgical photorejuvenation option that harnesses the power of light to renew the skin and improve a comprehensive array of common concerns. Utilizing targeted beams of light energy, Forever Young BBL™ provides heat to multiple dermal layers, which can aid the growth of healthier skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. This process is designed to precisely and effectively rejuvenate aged, damaged, or discolored skin in the areas targeted for treatment, ultimately resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Our practice offers a range of BBL modalities designed to treat specific aesthetic conditions. In addition to the main BBL platform, we also provide Forever Bare BBL™ for hair removal, as well as the Forever Clear BBL™ technique for advanced treatment of acne.

Am I A Candidate for BBL™?

Good candidates for BroadBand Light™ procedures are typically those who are in relatively good overall health and are looking to address concerns such as:

These common conditions are just some of the many concerns that BBL™ therapy can improve. During your initial consultation, we can talk with you about your goals and help you determine if BBL™ therapy is the right option for your expectations. BBL™ therapy can be performed on numerous areas of the body, including the face, neck, upper chest, back, legs, hands, and arms.

What Happens During the BBL™ Procedure?

BBL treatment will begin with a topical anesthetic applied to the targeted area. This will ensure that any potential discomfort during the procedure is minimized. The BBL device will be gently guided over the skin, delivering consistent bursts of light energy. The skin will absorb the light, which should begin a regenerative process that allows for the growth of new collagen and the reduction of unhealthy skin cells.

Each BBL procedure is completely tailored to the individual patient’s unique concerns. The procedure can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on your customized treatment plan. Many patients do not require downtime following BBL therapy, and are able to resume normal daily routines immediately.

What Can I Expect from the Results of BBL™ Therapy?

Some degree of redness, swelling, and a “sunburn” sensation can be expected after a BBL™ procedure; however, these effects should dissipate relatively quickly. The treated areas of skin will likely begin to flake off as the damaged skin layers are replaced with healthier layers. The results of BBL™ therapy should continue to improve as the skin heals, revealing a more refreshed and revitalized appearance.

Some individuals may require multiple BBL™ treatment sessions to achieve their goals. In many cases, patients can maintain their results for extended periods by undergoing an additional BBL™ procedure each year following the initial treatment.

Forever Clear BBL™

Forever Clear BBL™ is a variation of the main BBL™ treatment platform. This method is specifically designed to help you effectively address acne and attain clearer skin without having to rely on daily creams or medicines. Plus, Forever Clear BBL™ is unique in its ability to address active breakouts, which provides immediate help for the reduction of the inflammation and redness common with acne, as well as for diminishing the overall duration of the flare-up.

Forever Clear BBL™ utilizes three types of light energy to provide comprehensive acne treatment. First, the BLUE BBL™ light will be used to go right to the source of acne, eliminating bacteria deep within the pores that can create flare-ups. Then, the YELLOW BBL™ light will be administered to reduce redness and inflammation associated with acne and create healthier skin in the treatment area. Finally, the SkinTyte II™ infrared light will be applied to the skin in order to aid the natural healing process. Many patients see positive results after a single Forever Clear BBL™ treatment; however, some who have more severe cases of acne may need additional treatment sessions for the best results. Like the main BBL™ technique, Forever Clear BBL™ typically does not necessitate a recovery process, allowing many patients to return to their normal daily activities right after the procedure.

Do you have questions about BBL™ therapy? Please contact the Personal Enhancement Center today for more information, or to schedule a consultation.