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VECTRA® 3D Imaging

The VECTRA® 3D Imaging system utilizes innovative technology which allows you to visualize breast augmentation results before you ever enter the operating room. Using a 3-dimensional camera, you can review a computer-generated simulation of your body both before and after the procedure. VECTRA® 3D Imaging serves as a tool to communicate your desired surgical outcome to Dr. Christopher Godek or Dr. Christina Pasick during the consultation process. The image can be adjusted according to implant size and shape so that you can see how the different options might look on your own body. This fascinating technology can ultimately improve doctor-patient communication and ensure that both you and our plastic surgeon have the same goals and expectations before going into surgery. While no technology can predict the future with 100 percent accuracy, the VECTRA® 3D system can give you a very good idea of the potential results.

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

To learn more about VECTRA® 3D Imaging, please contact our office today and speak with one of our patient coordinators.