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BRAVA® – Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

If you are seeking a natural alternative to breast implants, breast augmentation via fat transfer may be an option for you. Instead of using saline or silicone implants to add volume and fullness to the breasts, fat transfer involves the harvesting of fat from one area of the body and then relocating it to the breasts.

BRAVA Procedure

bravaTo aid in creating the best possible results, our board-certified* plastic surgeon, Christopher P. Godek, MD, and Dr. Christina Pasick** can utilize the BRAVA system. BRAVA is designed to be used by the patient both before and after the fat transfer process to optimize the outcome. It’s basically an external bra that helps stretch the internal breast tissue and make space for the transferred fat. The BRAVA device utilizes suction cups to gradually create the space over a period of about four to six weeks before surgery. It’s typically worn only at night, and you will use it less and less after the surgery is performed. Women with tight skin around their breasts often benefit from BRAVA’s ability to expand the skin and breast tissue, ultimately yielding an increase in the amount of transferable fat. BRAVA can be particularly useful for young women with breasts that have not yet been affected by the natural aging process, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

With BRAVA, breast augmentation with fat transfer may ultimately yield more fullness and volume, and an overall better result. Here at Personal Enhancement Center, we are committed to offering our patients the latest advances and a customized treatment plan designed to achieve the best possible outcomes. In addition, we offer concierge services to ensure you have the most pleasant and effective treatment experience from beginning to end, as well as a comprehensive in-house medical spa with services including scar management, massage therapy, and an assortment of skin care options that can facilitate the recovery process and enhance your results.

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