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Liposuction by HydraSolve™

The HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System is a less invasive liposuction alternative that uses the process of liquefaction to gently remove fat tissue. This means that, unlike traditional methods, fat is turned into a liquid before it is extracted, making the process more gentle for patients and more efficient for surgeons.

With an extensive background in bioengineering and the development of medical technology, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Godek, co-designed, created, and patented the HydraSolve™ Lipoplasty System after realizing an opportunity for improvement in the comfort and efficacy of surgical fat removal. Following the system’s FDA clearance, he then became the first plastic surgeon to offer the revolutionary HydraSolve™ treatment.

At the Personal Enhancement Center, Dr. Godek is pleased to offer a less invasive fat reduction option that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. If you would like to learn more about the system, please schedule a consultation with our New Jersey cosmetic surgeon.

The Benefits of HydraSolve™

Having fat tissue removed as a liquid rather than in its naturally solid form proves to be beneficial in several ways. Consider the following advantages to undergoing a HydraSolve™ procedure:

  • More efficient: your surgeon doesn’t need to cut out the fat tissue since it flows through the suctioning tube (cannula) as a liquid.
  • No damage to surrounding tissue: the lightly heated and pressurized saline used in HydraSolve™ is designed to target fat tissue without affecting blood vessels or nerves.
  • A smaller incision: the liquefied tissue can be extracted through a smaller space than required for procedures that extract it in its solid form.
  • Faster recovery period: since the cannula doesn’t cut out fat and the incision is much smaller, there is typically less downtime.
  • Fat taken from the treatment area can be used in a fat graft: the extracted fat tissue can be used in fat transfer and injection procedures to improve contours in another part of the body, such as in a buttock enhancement.

As co-creator of the system, Dr. Godek will explain all aspects of the HydraSolve™ procedure in detail during your initial consultation and help you determine whether this treatment is right for your needs.

The HydraSolve™ Process

The HydraSolve™ process works with the targeted fat tissue first being suctioned into a thin surgical tube, called a cannula. Within the device, warm, energized saline causes fat cells to separate and change into a liquid, without affecting surrounding tissue. Dr. Godek continues to move the cannula in a slow and steady motion, gently removing the fat tissue.

Once the targeted fat is removed, it can either be discarded or transferred as a fat graft to another body area for which you desire cosmetic enhancement. A HydraSolve™ procedure can be performed as a single operation or in addition to another surgery, like a tummy tuck, for a more complete aesthetic makeover. Dr. Godek offers the new device to patients as an alternative to more invasive procedures while still retaining the same high quality results.

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