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The Personal Enhancement Center offers natural body fat reduction through use of CoolSculpting®. The non-invasive treatment can help our patients reduce excess fatty tissue around the abdomen, flanks, and back without the incisions and recovery processes associated with surgery.

CoolSculpting® Treatment

The CoolSculpting® treatment is scientifically proven fat layer reduction through a natural, gradual process. Our patients typically experience no downtime after CoolSculpting® treatments. Patients are alert during treatment and typically return to everyday activities soon after the procedure.

CoolSculpting® utilizes a patented method called Cryolipolysis, which involves the use of a precisely controlled cooling technique. The method targets fat cells only; other skin and tissues are unharmed. The developers of CoolSculpting® found that cooling fat causes a reaction that mimics the body’s natural fat removal process. This fat cell removal technique reduces the thickness of the fat layer—gradually. The patient’s body then naturally filters out the treated fat cells through metabolic processes; the elimination process is similar to how the body eliminates fat from food.

CoolSculpting® results are generally observable within two to four months for most patients, and have been observed continuously for at least six months in some cases. Because every patient is unique and requires a customized approach to body-contouring, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Godek works with each patient to determine whether the traditional liposuction procedure or the innovative Coolsculpting® treatment is right for their needs.

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