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I am writing this thank you letter to impart my utmost respect and satisfaction with Dr. Chrisopher Godek’s expertise.

In 2011, I was looking for a plastic surgeon to correct congenital breast asymmetry and must have met half a dozen surgeons. Each surgeon had a different method regarding how to create my desired results.

In 2012, I came across Dr. Godek’s website and was impressed at how natural his breast augmentations looked, especially those which were reconstructed post-breast cancer treatment. As a nurse myself, I knew that the reconstructions are among the most difficult of surgeries, and therefore, Dr. Godek was the type of doctor I needed to perform my surgery.

After meeting Dr. Godek and learning about his credentials and experience in plastic surgery, I elected to have him perform my procedure in 2012. I had very little pain after surgery and healed well. To be honest, no one even knew I had surgery. That is just how natural and proportional to my size that Dr. Godek made my breasts. Of course, I was more confident in my swimsuits, and perhaps my only regret was that I didn’t go a size larger. I guess that is just how the brain works sometimes when we are pleased.

One to two years later, I stared to experience symptoms that no tests or doctor could give me a definite diagnosis. After multiple tests and examinations, I made the personal decision to take the breast implants out, being that they were a foreign body. Little did I know that my story had begun with my plight to find a surgeon who could take them out with a total capuslectomy.

I began to learn about doctors who called themselves breast explant experts. Many of them advised me to use fat tissue and even muscle grafting after I take out the implants because I would look concaved if I didn’t do so. These same doctors also strongly advise against going to your original plastic surgeon. I also joined a breast explant support group; because I was told how life-changing taking out implants would be for me. All these support groups did was try to sell me on the same set of “breast explant experts” and denounce me if I tried to ask for names of other surgeons close to me. What a coincidence.

I even met with a surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia who wanted to take out 7 of my lymph nodes. She was very bizarre to say the least. After meeting that surgeon, my boyfriend gave me a reality check, and suggested my original surgeon, because his work was superb, and that if he was good enough to put them in, why was he not to obvious choice to remove them?

Unfortunately sometimes in life we go through many turns, just to find out that where we started is where we needed to be.
I am now 3 weeks post breast explant surgery with Dr. Godek. I had no implant replacement, no fat or muscle grafting, and I am ecstatic. My results are beautiful and I do not look concaved as warned by other surgeons. Dr. Godek went through the original scars from under the folds of my breast and the drains were placed in such a way that my bra covers those eraser tip size incisions. Right now my scars look great and with proper care they will be invisible in the upcoming months. I am healing as beautifully as the original surgery that Dr. Godek performed in 2012. Yes, my breast volume is smaller, but that is a given. What I will say is that they are just back to their original size. I don not look concaved or uneven to the naked eye, and I do not have unattractive scars that would have resulted from all the unnecessary additional incisions that other surgeons wanted to perform on me. When Dr. Godek first took down my dressing, I was able to look at my breast in pure amazement and relief.

I write all this to say that although I made the decision to take out my implants, Dr. Godek’s surgical expertise and vision was that helped me to still feel good about my body. Dr. Godek can make you look good no matter what size you are or what size you desire, and not many surgeons can achieve that.

There is a lot of hype out there, however, it goes back to the old saying, you either know how to do the job or you do not. It is very simple. I only hoped that I had gone back to Dr. Godek sooner than later.

Please use my story to become informed and to safeguard your body and your health and to choose a surgeon like Dr. Godek, who by show of his expertise, can handle even the most complex of plastic surgery cases.

Dr. Godek, I thank you for your honestly and your willingness to help me achieve my goal. You are highly recommended by me, as your former patient.