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Skin Essentials Omega Advantage

threebottlesSkin Essentials Omega Advantage is an innovative oral skin care supplement available only through ALPHAEON® specialists. Taken in the form of a softgel tablet, this unique product is formulated with purified, concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids and various other vitamins proven to help support skin function and appearance by improving hydration and oxidation from deep within. By simply taking four softgels daily with meals – or as directed by Dr. Christopher P. Godek and our skin care specialists – you can help enhance and maintain your skin’s nutritional balance for a beautiful, radiant tone and overall aesthetic.

Skin Wellness Benefits of Omega-3

Maintaining a good balance of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 not only plays a vital role in our overall wellness, but also in the health and appearance of our skin. Unfortunately, studies have shown that many of today’s dietary habits have led to a significant imbalance of these fatty acids, largely attributed to the overconsumption of Omega-6-rich oils found in processed foods compared to an underconsumption of high Omega-3 sources such as eggs, salmon, and leafy green vegetables. As a result, an Omega-3 supplement is often necessary to help correct this disproportion of essential fatty acids in most diets.

In addition to regulating this balance of fatty acids, a boost in Omega-3s can help:

  • Promote normal skin function and appearance
  • Regulate the body’s natural inflammatory response
  • Minimize skin and collagen damage induced by ultraviolet (UV) rays

Ultimately, the skin’s functional wellness is linked directly to its overall appearance, and the concentrated form of Omega-3s found in Skin Essentials Omega Advantage can help you maximize both the health and aesthetic of your skin with exceptional results.

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