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The Personal Enhancement Center is excited to offer an innovative take on the standard facial that can offer significant benefits for both women and men of virtually any skin type. HydraFacial® can diminish signs of age and address a variety of skin conditions in a gentle, even relaxing treatment session right here at our practice. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Christopher Godek, MD, and his skilled team of skin care professionals can help you attain more refreshed and healthy-looking skin with this advanced, non-surgical procedure.

What Is HydraFacial®?

HydraFacial® is a skin enhancement procedure designed to provide hydration to the skin and stimulate healthy cell turnover, ultimately helping to enhance skin tone, diminish signs of age, and minimize the visible effects of certain skin conditions. This treatment utilizes a unique, three-step process to eliminate dead skin cells, cleanse the skin of impurities, and provide enrichment with moisture and antioxidants. HydraFacial® procedures have become very popular over the years, offering patients a virtually painless way to address many common skin concerns without the need for surgery or excessive recovery time.

What Can HydraFacial® Do for Me?

HydraFacial® can be an ideal option for individuals of many age ranges and skin types. The potential benefits of HydraFacial® include:

For patients who are interested in more comprehensive rejuvenation, HydraFacial® can also serve as a complement to other enhancement options available at our practice, including dermal fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and certain types of laser skin resurfacing procedures. During your initial consultation, we can evaluate your skin and help you determine whether HydraFacial® is right for your goals.

What Does the HydraFacial® Treatment Involve?

For most individuals, a HydraFacial® treatment session usually takes approximately 30 minutes. The total treatment time can vary among patients based on the size and number of targeted areas, as well as the extent of the conditions that are being treated. One of the major benefits offered by HydraFacial® treatment is the experience itself. Many patients feel very relaxed during the procedure, and some have even likened it to a light massage.

The first step of the HydraFacial® procedure involves the use of a small device that is guided along the area targeted for treatment. A gentle suction from the device will exfoliate the skin and remove excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and other irritants. Then, a solution composed of ingredients such as antioxidants, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and peptides will be introduced into the skin, which can provide hydration and moisturization. Patients can also choose to include extra “boosts” with their treatment, which are additional infusions of ingredients that can target more unique and specific concerns.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from HydraFacial®?

HydraFacial® involves no needles or surgery of any kind, and therefore most patients are able to return to their regular daily activities right after treatment without the need for recovery time. Some mild redness and a tightened sensation in the skin of the treatment areas may be present after the procedure; however, these effects should only be temporary and should fade quickly.

What Can I Expect from the Results of HydraFacial®?

Many patients see the skin rejuvenating effects of HydraFacial® treatment after just one session. Follow-up HydraFacial® treatments are often recommended to keep the results going and maintain healthy, refreshed-looking skin for a long time to come.

Would you like more information on HydraFacial® treatment? Please contact the Personal Enhancement Center with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation.