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ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum

Alphaeon LashAs we age, the growth of our eyelashes begins to slow and/or stop completely, often resulting in the appearance of thinning lashes. ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum is an innovative product designed to treat insufficient eyelash growth, a condition known medically as hypotrichosis. With this unique, at-home solution, you may be able to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes that complement and enhance the beauty of your eyes in as little as eight weeks. During a consultation at our office with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher P. Godek can help determine if ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum is right for you.

How ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum Works

ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum works to hydrate, condition, and strengthen eyelashes for a lengthened, fuller appearance. Using the application brush provided by ALPHAEON®, the serum is to be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once a day for a specified period of time. After approximately eight weeks of use, an improvement in the length, thickness, and overall aesthetic of the eyelashes is often noticeable for the majority of patients. Final results may vary by individual, though ALPHAEON® Beauty Eyelash Serum has been able to help numerous women achieve beautiful lashes without the need to rely heavily on mascara and/or other eyelash enhancement products.

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