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TouchMD is a computer software and hardware system intended to enhance doctor-patient communication while educating you on what to expect from your cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery procedure. Utilizing the touch-screen technology, you can interact with visual aids, view anatomical animations, and read a comprehensive array of valuable procedural information, all from the comfort of our office and/or the privacy of your own home.

During your consultation, TouchMD enables Dr. Christopher Godek, our skilled plastic surgeon, to take a more collaborative approach to formulating the most effective treatment plan based on your unique needs. Using a large computer monitor, Dr. Godek can display 3D anatomical images and real-life photos to help you better visualize the entire procedural process as well as realistic outcomes that can potentially be achieved. This facilitated doctor-patient interaction provides you with an opportunity to ask questions, better communicate your goals, and openly express any concerns you may have, ultimately helping Dr. Godek obtain a better understanding of how to help you achieve the cosmetic results you desire.

Key features of TouchMD include:

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