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Consultation Process

At the Personal Enhancement Center, our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Godek aims to create natural, balanced results in the comfort of his office surrounded by the natural beauty of New Jersey’s shoreline.

Personal attention is paramount at the Personal Enhancement Center, where 80% of the patients come in for cosmetic surgery and 20% are either cancer survivors or trauma victims seeking reconstructive surgery. You will receive a comprehensive consultation with plenty of time to discuss your concerns. This will allow Dr. Christopher Godek to determine your needs and expectations, answer questions and explain all there is to know about your treatment options.

Photographs have always been an essential element at the Personal Enhancement Center. High-resolution digital photographs are taken during your consultation, which are then used for computer imaging. Dr. Godek explains, “Imaging allows our patients to see what they will look like after surgery. This gets our patients involved in the decision-making process and allows us to help create the right procedure for each and every patient.” Dr. Godek’s belief in “total enhancement” starts by considering all of the elements that are needed to achieve balanced results. This extends to skin care experts, nutritionists, and personal trainers. Dr. Godek believes, “We can create beautiful and natural results, but maintaining your results with proper nutrition, skin care and exercise is imperative.”

Dr. Godek chose the Butterfly as the Personal Enhancement Center’s logo because it represents the incredible beauty of natural transformation. Dr. Godek and his staff will help you with your own self-transformation and help you to achieve your desired goals.

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