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QWO® Injections for Cellulite

QWO LogoThe Personal Enhancement Center is proud to offer a truly revolutionary new option for the treatment of cellulite! QWO® is a completely non-surgical method of reducing signs of cellulite that appear on the buttocks. This injectable solution for cellulite reduction can provide smoother skin with long-lasting results and no downtime required. 

What Is QWO®

QWO® has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for adult women who are experiencing moderate to severe signs of cellulite in the buttocks. This particular region of the body is one of the most common areas where the dimples and depressions that are characteristic of cellulite form. QWO® is an injectable solution composed of enzymes called collagenases, which are believed to be capable of targeting the subdermal fibrous bands that pull the skin down and create dimples and “craters” on the surface. QWO® is designed to release those fibrous bands while simultaneously stimulating the growth of new collagen and redistributing fat cells, ultimately reducing signs of cellulite and providing a smoother look. To produce the best possible results, the QWO® procedure involves a three-treatment series of injections performed several weeks apart. 

What Can I Expect During the QWO® Treatment Process? 

If you are an ideal candidate for QWO® injections, our injectable provider will develop a customized QWO® treatment plan and schedule the series of injections. During the treatment process, the QWO® solution will be carefully injected into the buttock tissue, focusing directly on the areas affected by cellulite. The entire procedure usually only takes about 10 minutes here at our office, and most patients do not need a recovery period following treatment. Some temporary bruising and swelling around the injection sites can be expected; however, these effects are typically mild and should fade over the next few days. 

After the first round of QWO® injections, two more treatment sessions will be scheduled. The second will be approximately three weeks after the first, and the final treatment of the series will be scheduled about three weeks following the second. 

How Much Does QWO® Cellulite Treatment Cost? 

The total cost of a full series of QWO® injections here at the Personal Enhancement Center will ultimately depend on the particulars of each patient’s customized treatment plan. The amount of the QWO® solution necessary to achieve individual goals and other factors associated with the treatment process will be taken into account for the overall cost. Once your treatment plan is developed during the initial consultation, we will calculate a total price estimate and present it to you for review. Our practice accepts an array of convenient payment methods, and we work with a reputable financing company known as PatientFi™, which offers qualified applicants the ability to pay for their cosmetic enhancement procedures over time. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Personal Enhancement Center for additional information on QWO® cellulite treatment, or to schedule a consultation.