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Kybella_Injection_Logo_new_RGBKYBELLA® is an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve the contour of the under-chin region by nonsurgically reducing submental fullness, a cosmetic concern more commonly known as a “double chin.” Recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for men and women aged 18 and older, this minimally invasive alternative to neck liposuction works to break down and destroy excess fat cells in targeted areas below the chin with little to no downtime and long-lasting – potentially permanent – effects. By employing KYBELLA® in the comfort and safety of our office, our skilled team may be able to help you achieve a slimmer, more contoured under-chin profile with excellent, natural-looking results.

The KYBELLA® Treatment

Composed of a deoxycholic acid solution, KYBELLA® is the first procedure of its kind intended to nonsurgically diminish submental fat accumulations that prove to be resistant to both diet and exercise. During treatment, the revolutionary solution is carefully injected into targeted fat buildups underneath the chin via an ultra-thin needle. Most patients experience minimal to no discomfort, but a topical anesthetic can often be applied prior to treatment if necessary/desired. The entire treatment process typically takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete (depending on the number of injections needed), and the majority of individuals are able to resume normal daily activities within one to two days, if not later the same day.

Some minor bruising and/or swelling may initially be present following treatment, but these symptoms should dissipate over time and can usually be concealed with makeup. Though rare, any potential soreness or discomfort can often be effectively managed with medication. In most cases, about two to four treatments are necessary before the effects of KYBELLA® become noticeably apparent, and some individuals may require up to six sessions scheduled a minimum of one month apart to attain ideal outcomes. Once the desired results have been achieved, however, retreatment is typically not necessary.

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