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logo_juvedermJuvéderm® is the most-advanced form of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance in the human body) used as a dermal filler to reduce wrinkles and folds by adding volume to the skin. This injectable treatment consists of a smooth gel that can rejuvenate signs of age with beautiful, natural-looking results. The effects of a Juvederm® injection typically last between 6 and 12 months and can be maintained through follow-up treatments at The Personal Enhancement Center.

Juvéderm® Ultra

Juvéderm® Ultra is a hyaluronic acid gel implant. Hyaluronic acid is a natural complex sugar that improves skin elasticity and can create a smoother, more supple appearance. Juvéderm® Ultra can also create lift and add volume to wrinkles and folds in the treated area.

Results can last up to one year and is most effective on fine lines and wrinkles.

Juvéderm® Ultra Plus

Similar to Juvéderm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus also uses hyaluronic acid to increase skin elasticity and enhance your appearance. The results can also last up to one year. Our experienced injectable provider typically uses Juvéderm® Ultra Plus to address deeper furrows and wrinkles, as well as nasolabial folds.

Juvéderm® XC

Juvéderm® XC is designed to increase patient comfort during treatment. This hyaluronic acid-based gel can help patients smooth out wrinkles and fine lines while helping them stay comfortable through the inclusion of the anesthetic Lidocaine. With this increased attention to patient comfort, our patients can typically return to their normal daily routines immediately.

Juvéderm® Plus XC

Juvéderm® Plus XC combines the best of Juvederm® Ultra Plus and Juvederm® XC. We will use this form of the popular dermal filler Juvéderm® to address deeper lines and wrinkles, while also improving overall patient comfort with the inclusion of Lidocaine to reduce pain.

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