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EMSCULPT® Non-Surgical Body Contouring

EmsculptEMSCULPT® is an innovative non-surgical procedure that utilizes the power of electromagnetic energy to help build muscle and enhance contours in specific body areas. This treatment is one of the very few completely non-invasive options available that can improve abdominal tone and enhance firmness in the abdomen, strengthen muscles in the buttocks, arms, and legs, and give these areas a more sculpted look and a firmer feel. Our skilled team here at the Personal Enhancement Center is excited to provide EMSCULPT® as an option to patients who may benefit from this advanced non-surgical body contouring treatment that requires no incisions and no downtime!

What Are the Benefits of EMSCULPT®?

EMSCULPT® can be advantageous for patients who would like to achieve stronger muscles, firmer tone, and more defined contour in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs. This treatment has been found to decrease fat by up to 16 percent, and increase muscle mass by up to 19 percent, which can provide noticeable enhancement. Just one EMSCULPT® treatment is essentially the equivalent of thousands of strength exercises such as stomach crunches or squats.

The best candidates for EMSCULPT® are typically individuals who are in relatively good physical shape but would like to refine and enhance muscle tone in certain body areas. Patients who have severe degrees of excess skin, lax muscles, and/or excess fat may benefit more from a surgical procedure such as liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, or other body contouring option. We can evaluate your needs during the initial consultation and determine whether EMSCULPT® is an ideal treatment for your ultimate goals.

What Is Involved in the EMSCULPT® Treatment Process?

EMSCULPT® treatment involves the placement of a special applicator to the targeted area. For abdominal contouring, the applicator delivers High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to the muscles, which is designed to create about 20,000 muscle contractions in the space of about 30 minutes. This process can cause a chemical reaction that breaks down fat cells in the area, which the body can then metabolize and filter out naturally. In the meantime, the targeted muscles should thicken and become stronger. For buttock enhancement, EMSCULPT® is geared more toward building gluteal muscles while retaining fat in the area, which can ultimately help to enhance the shape of the buttocks. The procedure can also be utilized for the arms and legs to provide more prominently defined muscles and improved tone.

The EMSCULPT® procedure is often described as feeling like one has just been through an intense workout, only without the accompanying perspiration. Depending on the specific areas being targeted for treatment, EMSCULPT® procedures typically take approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be performed right here at the Personal Enhancement Center. Patients typically do not need a period of recovery following EMSCULPT® treatment, and should be able to return to their normal routines immediately.

How Long Do the Results of EMSCULPT® Last?

The initial results of EMSCULPT® often become apparent after the first treatment, with even more noticeable improvement in the weeks that follow. A series of at least four EMSCULPT® treatments is often necessary to yield the most optimal results. With a full treatment series, the best results should last a minimum of three to four months. To maintain the effects, occasional follow-up EMSCULPT® treatments are typically recommended.

To learn more about EMSCULPT® non-surgical body contouring, please contact the Personal Enhancement Center. We can provide you with additional information, or assist you with scheduling a consultation.