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Cellulaze™ Anti-Cellulite Treatment

If you are frustrated by cellulite and have tried to reduce the appearance of it through diet and exercise, you may be happy to know that there is a new, FDA-approved treatment that can effectively reduce signs of cellulite. While commonly thought to be caused by excess fat, cellulite is actually a structural issue occurring below the surface of the skin. Cellulaze™ is a new technique designed to address the structural causes of cellulite and allow our plastic surgeon to reduce its appearance.

How Cellulaze™ Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite is made up of connective tissue bands beneath the surface of the skin that can be affected by a number of factors, including age, hormones, genetics and dramatic weight fluctuations. When cellulite becomes a problem for most patients is when these tissue bands stiffen and the fat cells surrounding the bands increase in size and push against the surface of the skin. Only Cellulaze™ allows Dr. Christopher Godek to address these fibrous bands, and help thicken the skin and improve elasticity to reduce the overall appearance of cellulite.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

  • You’ll have some bruising and discomfort, and small amounts of fluid may leak from the incision sites. Dr. Godek may ask you to wear a compression garment.
  • You should be able to go back to your normal activities after a day or two and resume more strenuous exercise after one to two weeks.
  • Your results should continue to improve for the next three to twelve months.

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